Umber NYC Anti-Aging 20% Vitamin C Facial Serum with Vitamin E for Fading Spots, Softening Jojoba Oil & Anti-Wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid 1 fl oz/ 30ml

Umber NYC Anti-Aging 20% Vitamin C Facial Serum with Vitamin E for Fading Spots, Softening Jojoba Oil & Anti-Wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid 1 fl oz/ 30ml

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  • REVERSES THE SIGNS OF AGING & DAMAGE: Prepare to turn back the hands of time! Our anti aging face serum has been developed to repair the skin both topically and from a cellular level in order to drastically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sun damage and even acne scarring.
  • GIVES SKIN A CLEAR, YOUTHFUL RADIANCE: Beautiful skin is only one application away! Infused with a touch of vitamin E, the vitamin C face serum renders a complexion that is free of blemishes, even in tone, supply smooth, seriously soft to the touch and full of healthy glow.
  • DEEPLY PENETRATES TO REPLENISH THE SKIN: We have also added a bit of hyaluronic acid to the formula of our vitamin C serum, a powerful anti-aging skincare ingredient that acts as an protective emollient. It locks in moisture like no other compound and also protects the skin from further damage.
  • ABSORBS QUICKLY, LEAVES NO OILY RESIDUE: Unlike other youth serums, our nourishing wrinkle serum has been expertly designed to quickly absorb into the skin. You can even use it as a serum primer for makeup. No more oily sheen. No more mess. And no more slippery finishes!
  • SAFE & GENTLE ENOUGH FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Comprised of 98% natural and 72% organic ingredients, this here vitamin C facial serum by Umbra NYC is recommended for oily skin, acne-prone skin, aging skin, damaged skin, combination skin and all other types.


Product Description

Want youthful skin that glows? Looking for a vitamin serum that will beautify your skin no matter the condition it's in?

This Vitamin C Serum for your face has been formulated to deliver drastic results in as little time possible!
Composed of 20% vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and jojoba oil, this unique complex outperforms others.

The good news is you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what our customers say about the Vitamin C Serum for skin:

“very light and easy to use” - “has definitely improved the texture and appearance of my skin” - “works well day and night”

★ 20% VITAMIN C: Replenishes the skin with vital nutrients to banish wrinkling, roughness and dryness.

★ HYALURONIC ACID: Seals in hydration to condition the skin back to health and diminish damage.

★ VITAMIN E: Heals and strengthens the skin to improve elasticity, even tones and enhance suppleness.

★ JOJOBA OIL: Softens and smooths the skin to give you a clear, healthy complexion without makeup.

Suggested Uses: Use the high dose vitamin C blend as a therapeutic vitamin C moisturizer, a derma roller serum,
a makeup primer serum, a vitamin serum for acne scars or as a hyaluronic face glow serum depending on your skincare needs.

You won't believe just how luxuriously soft, how smooth and how gorgeous your skin will be after just one application!

(For best results, we recommend applying the vitamin C and E serum both day and night to the face, neck and decolletage 
– after washing, before applying cosmetics. Make sure to avoid the eyes. No added moisturizer needed.)

*The vitamin C serum is packaged in a 1 oz amber glass bottle to protect its integrity, while the dropper top makes it easy to dispense.

Ready to uncover the true beauty of your skin without having to take a risk or waste money on spa treatments?

Our anti aging facial serum sure is selling fast, so hurry up and order your vitamin C skin serum today!


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