About Us

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe it's true. Just can’t convince the women in my household. My wife, her cousins, our female friends they all disagree. They all want to look good no matter how beautiful I tell them they already are. Calling them beautiful is an understatement, they just won’t take my word for it.
My household is full of females. Currently, I am the minority of ONE. Thus,I have grown into being bit more sensitive and have also tried to see things in their perspective. I pay attention towards their needs and have learnt quite a bit, how they look at, talk about and have an opinion about any product or services. To my surprise, most of the time they know what they want.
My wife has always been very selective about buying new products. Especially when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. Being from Indian subcontinent she was exposed to homemade, organic and natural remedies to treat her hair and skin. It's not as easily accessible here. She tried OTC cosmetics, big brands, but couldn’t quite get the same or even close experience. She looks good as she has used some otherwise claimed natural and organic products but complained about having view site dry skin, burning sensations and irritation more often than not. Believe me you, at times it felt as if I was suffering more than her as her unhappiness about the products were occasionally unleashed at me.
As a working professional and a mother of a two year old (you guessed it right) daughter, she thinks she is aging faster than she should (I silently disagree, but the mind is made up). We looked into few more products online and she used them, some were good but hurting the pocket. 
I started looking for solutions. After extensive research and talking to chemists (a professor in the family does help a bit), dermatologists, beauticians, natural healing therapists and anyone I could strike a conversation regarding hair and skincare. I decided to bring Ümber to the world.

Ümber: Also our daughter’s name, is a dynamic and upcoming company, focused on bringing the highest quality, tested and proven skin and haircare products to you. Our solo goal is to earn your trust through our  uncompromising quality and innovation. Each of our products are time tested by hundreds of people from different ethnic background, skin types and ages. We launch our products only after we are 100% satisfied with the results. Hence, we have only three products approved by our diverse team as of now.
We here at Ümber are continuously looking for the best skincare solutions for all skin types. Our team of professionals are dedicated to make a mark by revolutionizing the way your skin feels. We will continue our effort to earn your trust and be a part of your everyday life.
So, go ahead and let your skin feel youthful and loved.
 Amaze Yourself…

P.S: We are also introducing Ümber Homelife. Products for your household.

Thank you.

Ümber Team.